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FEATURES : Fabrication of highly accurate 2.5D / 3D geometries by direct f-s laser writing and wet etching.

Repeatable results with µm-range resolution

Sealing, welding, selective ablation, micro-cracks.

Modification of refractive index ~1E-3 (waveguides)

Automatic surface detection and tilt correction.

Alignment to marks with ±1-2µm precision.


FEMTO-SECOND LASER : Power: >5W, l=1030nm

Pulse duration : controllable <250fs up to >10ps

Repetition rate: from single pulse to 2MHz

Pulse energy: > 10µJ


WRITING HEAD : Writing head located under substrate

Writing Objectives: 10x, 20x, 50x

Big work distance: 12mm (x10), 4.5mm (x20, x50)

Real writing speed depends on multiple factors such as material, pattern size and geometries, writing strategy, depth.


MATERIALS : Compatible with a large spectrum of substrates.

Current materials developed:

  • Fused silica
  • Borosilicate glass (e.g. Borofloat 33)


MACHINING PERFORM.: Depends on material.

e.g. for Fused Silica:

Max. precision: ±1µm (2.5D), ±2µm (3D)

Aspect ratio >1:500

Avg. surface roughness Ra: 100nm (directly)

Min. surface roughness Ra: <10nm (treatment)

Min. buried channel cross-section: 2µmx8µm

Selectivity ~1:200 (KOH)


X-Y-Z STAGE : Vacuum or mechanical clamping of substrate

3-axis sample positioning system

Travel range: 100x100x25mm, repeat. 200nm

Max. speed 90mm/s


SAMPLE HOLDERS: Vacuum holders: wafers 2”, 3”, 4”

Mechanical holders:

  • 10x10mm2
  • 20 x 20 mm2
  • Microscope slides (76x26mm2, 76x30mm2)
  • Other sizes on demand

Ultimate max. sample size: 200x200x10mm



Alphacam (server license):

  • CAD-type software for 3-D design of structures and generation of machining code file (*.enc)
  • Available on demand (local installation required, access to license server by network)
  • Import of CAD files, various formats acceptable (DXF, DWG, IGES, CADL, VDA-FS, ANVIL, STEP, STL, Rhino)

FemtoPrint control software

  • Control of the machine

Laser machining based on *.enc code



  • MICROMECHANICS: MEMS, Micro-valves, actuators, hinges, flexures, watch mechanisms etc.
  • OPTICS/PHOTONICS: waveguides, gratings, lenses, couplers, interconnects, etc.
  • MICROFLUIDICS : 3D micro-channels, mixers, reactors, lab-on-a-chip, etc.
  • MICRO-ELECTRONICS : Through-glass vias, RF interposers, MEMS sensors, etc.
  • Micromachining on surface and in the surface volume (alignment marks, buried structures)
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FEMTOprint 3D Glass machining
SB2 - Box industriels
f100 aHead Enhanced


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